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Wired for Connection

By Jayme King, LMSW Our world has seen a technological explosion in the last decade and a half. We can connect in new and exciting [...]

Wired for Connection

April 1st, 2019|0 Comments

By Jayme King, LMSW Our world has seen a technological explosion in the last decade and a half. We can connect in new and exciting ways that only the most devoted Trekkies could imagine. In [...]

“My coach helped me break down the areas of my life. We looked to see which areas were working well and which were not. Then we would set weekly goals for me to work on. The next week we would discuss how those goals worked during the week. We also talked through things that needed to be set aside for now.”

Lori, Coaching Client

“I learned that poverty is not always about you. It is about your past. I am proud of who I am, was, and will be. Money is great, but goals are better. They get you where you want to go. I learned hidden rules on how to interact with employers and organizations – that was the best part! I have learned to speak with confidence and grace.” 

John, Coaching Client

My spiritual director gave me things to read, think and journal about in the times between our meetings. This helped in a couple of ways. It encouraged me to spent time with the Lord, even if it was just asking Him my questions. It was also helpful to be accountable to someone for setting aside time to be with God, away from distractions, praying, reading the Word, and listening.

Debra, Christian Care client

I really believe everyone should get counseling. It is not huge scary thing. My therapist at HopeNet did not look at me like I was sick; she looked at me as someone who was working on herself. It’s not really that different from working with a trainer at the gym. The care they have is genuine and they treated you as someone with value.

Emily, Counseling Client

I’m so grateful to have met [HopeNet] when I did. I’ve progressed well, learned a lot and built my self-confidence to interact with different people who can help me reach my goals. Thank you for the work you do at HopeNet.

Tanya, Counseling Client and Getting Ahead participant

The training our church received from HopeNet was very informative and helpful to begin to address a topic that most do not want to talk about. Mental illness is more complex and complicated than I realized.

Jared, Pastor and Training Client

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