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Chuck Edwards

LPC Intern

In the past 5 years as associate Pastor at West Ridge Community Church and Ministry Pastor of Celebrate Recovery (West Ridge), Professional Counseling Intern, Charles (Chuck) Edwards has developed a passion for seeing past hurts healed through the therapeutic relationship between client and counselor.

At an early age Charles was affected by substance abuse and pornography.  After 20 years of living life apart from Christ, Chuck found himself becoming a person that he did not desire to be.  After receiving Christ in his early 20’s, Chuck embarked on a journey of healing and his journey has included both the highs and lows that recovery from past hurts and addictions often bring.  Reaching a new low in his struggles in 2009, Chuck lost the job he thought he’d spend the rest of his life doing and nearly lost his marriage.  This time he took a different approach to healing and began seeking both marriage and individual therapy as well as committing his life to the process of recovery through Celebrate Recovery.  Over the last 9 years Chuck has witnessed God’s ability to transform His children as they engage the past hurts and habits that have been created by many character defects.  The therapeutic relationships that Chuck engaged have changed his life by giving him new tools and understanding about who he is.  For the past 2 years Chuck has engaged that understanding while receiving his Masters Degree in Licensed Professional Counseling from the Townsend Institute at Concordia University in Irvine CA. Chuck’s desire is to share how his addictions affected his marriage and life and to serve all who are searching for a new way of living.  In the end it was the grace of God that pulled Chuck through, that he might walk with others through their process of healing and transformation.

Chuck is still married to his wonderful wife, Sasha, of almost 14 years and together they raise their three fun and active children Noah, Zeke, and Hadassah.

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