Katherine Lewis, LMFT

//Katherine Lewis, LMFT

Katherine Lewis, LMFT


“Can I ever change? Will life ever get better?” Katherine has faced these hard questions both in the therapy room and out. She is ready to face them with you. Engaging people in meaningful ways brings hope. Katherine works to hold the hope while together, with her clients, they untangle and rewire. Her work involves hard working women and men breaking old patterns to get the most out of life.

Katherine graduated from Friends University Marriage and Family Therapy Program in 2011. She had the honor of completing her student therapy internships at the VA Medical Center and the Center on Family Living, focusing on post traumatic stress. She received Clinical licensure in 2014. She is a trauma informed, EMDR trained therapist who also utilizes Solution-focused and Narratives techniques to work with the strengths and story that are unique to each client. Residing here in Wichita with her husband and 4 children, she understands that life can be a roller coaster. Katherine has a deep love for HopeNet and she welcomes you to the HopeNet family.

Learn about how to retrain your brain in this article Katherine wrote about our miraculous brains.

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