Christmas Prayers & Update

We at HopeNet would ask for your prayers this holiday season. Even as we are enjoying time with family and getting out the decorations, we are constantly reminded here at HopeNet that the holidays are a time of very real struggle for so many people. Would you keep some of our clients and our staff in prayer during this season?

  • Several clients are dealing with depression and loneliness. Pray they will find Christian community for support during the holidays.
  • Pray for clients struggling with family boundaries during this month. It can be easy to slip back into old patterns when under stress of constant family tension.
  • Pray for more financial supporters to help HopeNet carry out its mission to help the hurting.
  • Pray for people in immediate crisis who call our office but we are unable to serve.
  • Pray for a client who is in an abusive relationship, struggling to feed her children.

We have had a remarkable year and appreciate you so much. Thank you for your continued support, both financially and in prayer.