As HopeNet staff, we often get asked how to best walk alongside someone who is hurting. Several staff members have offered suggestions based on their experience and viewpoint. We will offer views from the Front Desk, from a Coach’s office and from a Therapist.

Jayme King is a therapist, social worker and experienced Getting Ahead facilitator. She works with families that struggle with homelessness and with people who desire to get out of generational poverty. She loves helping people regain stability in their lives. For her clients to do the hard work of dealing with emotional and psychological issues, they need at least basic environmental stability in their lives. She loves how Getting Ahead can help people break through the multidimentional layers of poverty. Jayme loves seeing the power of education enabling her clients to have transformable Aha! moments.

A Better Way

Helping those who are hurting materially can be a difficult task. Recently, here in Wichita, the police force has asked people to stop giving money to panhandlers, as that can perpetuate cycles of poverty. Instead they are reaching out with their Homeless Outreach Team and asking people to give out brochures instead that direct people to resources in our community. The problem with just giving money to someone in poverty is that it will not help them break the destructive patterns in their life, destructive patterns like generational poverty, substance abuse, poor or no budgeting skills and lack of resources.

There is hope for those in poverty. As part of our Coaching program, HopeNet is offering Getting Ahead classes starting August 21st. Getting Ahead is an empowering curriculum to help those who are ready to get out of poverty. More than giving them financial resources for a day, it exposes them to resources in our city, in communities and in themselves to change the direction of their lives. Jayme King loves joining people in this process and seeing positive change in people.

Do you know someone ready to Get Ahead instead of Getting by? This program is for that person so have them call our office today to set up an interview to see if Getting Ahead is a good fit for them.