As HopeNet staff, we often get asked how to best walk alongside someone who is hurting. Several staff members have offered suggestions based on their experience and viewpoint. We will offer views from the Front Desk, from a Coach’s office and from a Therapist.

Carly Brock works in our front desk, greeting and talking to clients, helping them feel welcome and comfortable when they come in our doors. Coming to coaching or counseling for the first time can be overwhelming and Carly’s job is to help clients know they came to the right place. Through her own personal experience and as she talks to people on the phone and in person, often times in intense crisis, she has gathered what she has seen to be helpful for walking with others in crisis.

Prayerful Presence is Powerful

After learning of a family death, Carly called a friend for support and never forgot how this friend responded. She simply asked Carly to go on a walk. She allowed Carly time to share as much as she wanted while covering her with silent prayer. Through this experience, Carly learned the power of prayerful presence. She learned she didn’t need to have the right words in every situation, she just needed to be present. It is so easy to want to jump in and try and fix every problem, but really the most powerful thing you can do for them is let them know you are there for them.

As Client Services Coordinator at HopeNet, Carly’s goal is to make each client feel welcome, valued and known. She takes what she learned from her friend and is prayerfully present with clients. They are covered in prayer throughout their time here.

When someone you know is hurting, being present can be the most powerful and healing thing you can do. When life is falling apart, you will never find the right words to fix all the problems, but you can be prayerfully present.

Carly supervises Volunteer Advocates who join her in being present with our clients. They answer crisis phone calls, provide a hospitable environment and help clients feel safe. Would you consider walking alongside the hurting as a Volunteer Advocate? Learn more about becoming an Advocate here. Call 316.684.4673 today and talk to Carly about joining her team.