I have always had a difficult relationship with my daughter. I raised her as a single mother and so our life was difficult at times. I am very close with my grandchildren but wanted to try and rebuild my relationship with my daughter. I decided to come to HopeNet for counseling to help me begin to rebuild with my daughter.

Coming to HopeNet

I had tried other places for counseling but I loved that HopeNet was faith-based. As a Christian I really appreciated that. My therapist would pray before each session, which really got us on the right foot for working through difficult issues. This made me feel safe enough to be completely honest with my therapist.  The safety and acceptance I felt from my therapist let me fully engage in the process at HopeNet.

Finding Healing

I knew HopeNet was working for me when I was able to accept that I could not change the past. I was able to forgive myself for not being there as much as I should have for my daughter when she was growing up. Being a single mom, I often had to work two jobs to keep us afloat. That had real consequences for her and I was finally able to accept that and admit that to my daughter. We are not where I want us to be in our relationship, but now I understand her point of view and I have hope that we can rebuild our relationship.

Discovering Peace

I have a lot more peace now and I know I can only take responsibility for my actions. I am finding peace with the past. I am praying more and seeing God answer those prayers. I would encourage anyone to take the step to go to counseling. It is worth it to get help when you need it.