Did You Know That January is Mental Wellness Month?

January is mental wellness month – a perfect time to check in with ourselves, family and friends to see how we’re doing mentally and emotionally. The new year often brings physical wellness goals but what about setting mental wellness goals this year instead? Here are 4 easy ways to help you do that: 

1. Practice Mindfulness and Meditation – “Mindfulness” has become a popular topic over the last several years. Practicing mindfulness is about being present, aware and accepting the current moment without judgement. Mindful Meditation – People often shy away from meditation, saying “I just can’t STOP thinking.” Meditation is actually about slowing down, being present in the moment, allowing your thoughts to come freely and then releasing them and letting them go. How can you incorporate more mindful moments into your daily life? 

2.  Practice Rest – We are complex beings and our physical wellness affects our mental wellness and vice versa. In order to function properly our bodies need rest. Rest can be in the form of sleep but also in the form of small breaks throughout the day. How can you incorporate more rest into your life? 

3. Practice Gratitude – Gratitude doesn’t mean that you ignore challenges in your life. Rather, it focuses on the positive people and things that we have in our life. Showing gratitude for even the smallest of life’s moments can make a big change! You can express gratitude in mindful moments personally and also help lift others by expressing your gratitude directly to them. How can you live gratefully? 

3. Practice Asking for Help – As humans, we are social beings. We thrive on being connected and accepted by others. It is OK to seek help from others. Reach out to a loved one or close friend for a video, phone or in person chat. It will help brighten your mood and assist in processing struggles. If you feel that you need additional help, seek professional assistance from a licensed counselor or therapist. We seek help for physical wellness – how can we seek help for mental wellness? 

Adapted from Discovery Mood & Anxiety Program