About Us

HopeNet is a faith-based nonprofit organization transforming lives through coaching and counseling. For 30 years HopeNet has provided mental health services on a sliding scale made possible by donor support.

We believe that mental health care should be available to anyone at any income level. HopeNet is committed to offering our services on a sliding scale. Donations and program income make our sliding scale possible. To be eligible for the sliding scale, clients must provide proof of income. The first intake appointment is always free.

HopeNet is a 501(c)3 faith-based nonprofit organization. Our therapists are all licensed by the Kansas Behavioral Sciences Regulatory board and many are trained in EMDR therapy.

To promote wellness within our staff, HopeNet operates under a 4-day work week and is closed on Fridays. Our therapists are not on-call.

Our Logo

Our logo is comprised of five elements that unify into a single mark to help elevate and visually demonstrate the core intent and mission of HopeNet.

THE FIRST ELEMENT • WATER is a metaphorical representation of the many obstacles we all face along our respective life paths.
THE SECOND ELEMENT • BRIDGE facilitates a means of traversing the obstacles that prevent us from progressing in life and fulfilling our potential.
THE THIRD ELEMENT • HEART symbolizes that caring and warm nature of HopeNet’s mission.
THE FOURTH ELEMENT • SHIELD is a symbol of protection and fortification referring to HopeNet’s safe and confidential environment.
THE FIFTH ELEMENT • CROSS symbolizes the power of transformation found through faith. The people of HopeNet serve our community as an expression of their love for the Savior.