The Gift of Hope

By Michelle Martin and Hope Komarynsky Is there any reason to have hope going into 2021? After 2020, many of us are weary and unsettled. No one has remained unaffected. Understandably, our foundation feels a tad off-balance. Usually, history helps us expect what’s ahead, but THIS new year seems different. To declare 2020 emotionally, relationally, spiritually, [...]

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Announcing New Executive Director

Wichita, Kan. (October 28, 2020) -- The HopeNet board of directors announced Christiane Doom has been appointed as the new Executive Director, effective January 9, 2021.   Christiane Doom has served as part of HopeNet’s leadership team as Development Director since August 2019. She will take over the position from Dalene Johnson, who is serving as Interim Executive Director. Dalene will resume her role as Administrative Director at HopeNet in January.   Christiane has [...]

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By Michelle Martin Coaching Coordinator As the Coaching Coordinator for HopeNet in Wichita, Kansas, I am often asked to give examples of reasons someone would benefit from working with a coach. In my experience, there is a common experience to most people in one season or another throughout their lives. One word that seems to [...]

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Is it Time for Me to Get Counseling?

By Jo Lynn Bright Program Director Celebrities like Kristen Bell and Prince Harry openly talk about their mental health and the steps they have taken to find healing and hope. These celebrities have started addressing the fact that so many of us struggle, which is helping to decrease the stigma of getting help from professional [...]

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