Is it Time for Me to Get Counseling?

By Jo Lynn Bright Program Director Celebrities like Kristen Bell and Prince Harry openly talk about their mental health and the steps they have taken to find healing and hope. These celebrities have started addressing the fact that so many of us struggle, which is helping to decrease the stigma of getting help from professional [...]

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Understanding Grief

Have you been feeling extra irritable? Are you forgetting to eat, or eating when you are not hungry? Have you been feeling numb or not interested in anything? You may be experiencing grief. HopeNet Program Director, Jo Lynn Bright, is helping her clients understand that while maybe they have not lost a person close to [...]

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The Comfort of Music during Hard Times

I've noticed that during this time of COVID-10, many people are turning to music for comfort. I'd guess most of us teared up when we watched videos from Spain or Italy of neighbors serenading each other from their balconies or when we see father/daughter duets on Facebook. There is a unique comfort we receive from [...]

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