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Investing in Your Team

Why Invest in Professional Development for yourself or your Team? Whether you are leading a handful of ministry leaders in your local church or over hundred employees at a major Wichita aerospace company, investing in professional development for you and your team is vital. Kevin Lynch reminds readers in Forbes that companies will succeed when [...]

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Responding with Gratitude

By Charity Schaulis and Tori Schaulis Life inevitably brings both challenges and benefits; each year and season it is likely that you will experience both joy and disappointment. Yet, even so, you have the power to determine your response before anything unfolds. What kind of response can you choose now? The answer is simple: gratitude. The word gratitude [...]

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Let’s Follow Jesus This Easter

By Dr. Tim Shaver, HopeNet Board Member Every year, as I teach my 5th Grade Sunday School class the crucifixion and resurrection story, a different truth stands out to me. This year, I was impressed with the account of Simon of Cyrene.  You may recall that as Jesus was carrying the cross to the crucifixion [...]

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Client Story: Kaitlyn’s Journey with Depression

After my parents' divorce and several other traumas in my late teens and early twenties, I was done dealing with the pain of life. I did not know at that time that I was dealing with major depression. I felt so alone dealing with my depression. I had been trying to help myself and figure [...]

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