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Transforming our Workplaces

As a Christian business owner you care about your staff, our community and honoring God. Are there practical ways we can show that care in our workplaces and transform them into places that honor God?  Transforming our workplaces can seem like a daunting task, but it can really just start with seeking excellence within our [...]

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We’re Hiring!

Office Specialist/Receptionist HopeNet is seeking an Office Specialist to provide customer service for people in immediate crisis while providing administrative and communication support for all program services. Carry out client appointment desk and receivables while assisting volunteers with crisis call hotline. Qualifications:Candidate must have experience diffusing stress, encouraging, listening and problem solving with all ages. [...]

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How will Christ disturb you this Christmas season?

By Dr. Tim Shaver, HopeNet Board of Directors It has been my tradition for the past several years to send out a Christmas message based on reflections on what God has been teaching me recently.  This is frequently inspired by my involvement in teaching my 5th grade Sunday School class, where I think I learn [...]

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2 Positions Open!

Want to work with a great team and make a difference in people's lives? We have two open positions for part-time work right now at HopeNet. HopeNet's mission is to extend dignity and hope through compassionate Christian care. HopeNet transforms lives through Coaching and Counseling.  HopeNet is a non-profit that has been serving Wichita for [...]

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