Bryce Matteson, 1960 – 2021

We are saddened to announce the passing of our friend and longtime HopeNet Board Member Bryce Matteson. Bryce served HopeNet faithfully since 2004 and led HopeNet courageously through one of our most challenging seasons in 2010. We owe a great deal to his leadership and commitment to the hurting in our community. We send our [...]

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The Gift of Faith

By Michelle Martin and Hope Komarynsky How would you define faith? What does it mean to have faith in something? Is there a difference between faith and trust? If you're struggling to answer these questions, join the club! When we began putting our thoughts together for this article, we struggled too. That caught both of us by surprise. [...]

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The Gift of Love

By Michelle Martin and Hope Komarynsky Love. Around this time of year, that word is often associated with shades of red and pink, conversation hearts, chocolate, and exchanging valentines. Though these are simple forms of expression, we can all appreciate the motivations of care and thoughtfulness behind the gestures. Something rather small still helps us to [...]

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The Gift of Hope

By Michelle Martin and Hope Komarynsky Is there any reason to have hope going into 2021? After 2020, many of us are weary and unsettled. No one has remained unaffected. Understandably, our foundation feels a tad off-balance. Usually, history helps us expect what’s ahead, but THIS new year seems different. To declare 2020 emotionally, relationally, spiritually, [...]

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