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Let’s Follow Jesus This Easter

By Dr. Tim Shaver, HopeNet Board Member Every year, as I teach my 5th Grade Sunday School class the crucifixion and resurrection story, a different truth stands out to me. This year, I was impressed with the account of Simon of Cyrene.  You may recall that as Jesus was carrying the cross to the crucifixion [...]

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Client Story: Kaitlyn’s Journey with Depression

After my parents' divorce and several other traumas in my late teens and early twenties, I was done dealing with the pain of life. I did not know at that time that I was dealing with major depression. I felt so alone dealing with my depression. I had been trying to help myself and figure [...]

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10 Things I learned from HopeNet’s 2017 Conference

The HopeNet Wellness Conference is just a few weeks away! It is day designed to encourage, train and inform. Speakers from all around Wichita will be presenting on a range of topics. I always learn so much from our speakers! Here are some of things I learned at 2017's conference that I have been mulling [...]

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Tips for Managing Seasonal Stress

Seasonal stress is often an unwelcome guest during the holidays. It's almost expected! The demands of decorating, shopping, cleaning, baking, parties and hosting relatives brings whirling thoughts of glittery expectations. Seasonal stress is more common that we realize. We all identify with the mom who shops, wraps and stays up late at night only to [...]

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