The Comfort of Music during Hard Times

I've noticed that during this time of COVID-10, many people are turning to music for comfort. I'd guess most of us teared up when we watched videos from Spain or Italy of neighbors serenading each other from their balconies or when we see father/daughter duets on Facebook. There is a unique comfort we receive from [...]

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COVID-19 Household Cleaning Tips from a Wichita Doctor

Here in Wichita, we are all getting used to some new guidelines on how to proceed with life with community and family health in mind. Dr. Mark Mosley, MD, MPH, from Wesley Medical Center shared some ways we can keep ourselves and homes cleaner and more healthy while we are fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. HAND WASHING [...]

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Staying Connected While at Home

We are all probably experiencing increased amounts of anxiety these days. The fear of the unknown can easily overwhelm and feel like it will overtake us. Amid difficult times, we want to dwell in and share hope for the sake of our anxiety and the sake of family, friends and neighbors. As we will be [...]

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4 Ways We Live Out the Peace of Christ this Season

When the angels announced Jesus’s birth to the shepherds that very first Christmas, they joyfully announced peace on earth. But in our 21st century version of Christmas, you’d be hard pressed to find that original peace announced to us. But it is still here—we just have to be intentional about living it out. Here are [...]

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