Coaching at HopeNet gives clients confidence in their skills,

clarity in their strengths and support to move forward.

Find Accountabilty

Manage Transition in Life or Career

Address Whole Person Change

Coaching is designed to obtain practical needs, make a plan for the future and ultimately, achieve personal goals. Clients identify strengths, achieve goals and experience hope for the future. Coaching at HopeNet will help you explore resources, create a plan and build confidence through accountability.

Explore Coaching at HopeNet

Connection Quest

Create a plan and begin to increase stability. Our Connection Quest coaches help to create a plan using a strength-based approach and a network of referral services to build stability in life. Connection Quest is available at no cost for up to 3 sessions.

Spiritual Quest

Explore foundational questions about God and yourself with Spiritual Quest. Find encouragement on your spiritual journey in a safe, confidential environment, asking “Who am I?,” “Who is God?,” and “Who am I in relationship to God?” Spiritual Quest is available at no cost for up to 3 sessions. 

Getting Ahead Workshop

Join a support group designed to help you gain financial stability. Investigate ways to get out of poverty and gain resources to achieve goals.

Life Coaching

Coaching Groups