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You can reach your goals. We can help.

Life & Leadership Coaching at HopeNet

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One of the best things we can do for ourselves when we are trying to meet our goals is to find someone who will keep us accountable. Your HopeNet coach will help you break down your large goals into manageable steps. Success will follow success as you meet each small step.


Coaching can help you navigate life or career transitions. With your coach, you can define where you want to be when the transition period is finished. You can process barriers that might be hindering change. Or you can dream with your coach about the next stage in life and how to get there.

Whole Person

Coaching at HopeNet is unique because it addresses your whole person while meeting personal and career goals. Career success does not mean much if your personal or spiritual life is not working. Your coach keeps your whole person in mind as you create goals and action plans.

Our goal is to help you reach yours. Our trained coaches know how to help you discover your ultimate WHY to fuel your life change. 

Download our 10 Day Reset Journal and spend a week reflecting and writing about the past year. When you have your action plan created on Day 7, schedule a call with HopeNet to start meeting with a coach to reach your goals. Then watch as YOU begin to change.
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Coaching exceeded my expectations by helping me realize that God has equipped me with everything I need to be an effective leader and that my effectiveness is increased by the sharpening of my skills. Coaching has served this purpose in my life and ministry.


Coaching helped me see that I am a gift to myself and others. I need to treat myself accordingly and take care of myself. Coaching helped me think bigger about my life and dreams. God was giving me the freedom to think and dream big! I just needed to let myself.


The Coaching I received at HopeNet was much more individual than other trainings I have had. It was centered on what my goals and needs were, and not on a particular theory or system that I was supposed to fit myself into. A lot of other leadership training or education I have experienced gave a system that I was supposed to subscribe to in order to see effectiveness. This was based on who I am and what I wanted to accomplish and will have a greater impact on me and those I lead.


Coaching was an engaging experience. I learned a lot about myself and how to clarify my goals. Coaching helps ignite the passion in each leader and helps them be comfortable in who they are as a leader.


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