Counseling uncovers underlying root causes of dysfunctional behavior and emotional distress. Counseling fosters healing for the purpose of emotional wellness. Often people come for help with depression, anxiety or relational conflict. Ultimately, wellness enables a person to be loved and to love others.

What happens during counseling?

Our minds are designed to protect and heal. Sometimes we continue to do what we do not want to do and cannot seem to stop ourselves. This is when counseling can be an amazing tool.counseling couple

As clients gain a deeper understanding of the factors in their life which influenced their life and behavior and tools to make better decisions, they can impact their life positively. During the emotional healing process clients often experience clarity, learn new perspectives, lessen the disturbance of past traumas, incorporate effective coping strategies, unveil personal strengths, enhance interpersonal relationships and experience wholeness.

Types of counseling

Individual, couples or family appointments are available.

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HopeNet is a faith based, privately funded nonprofit organization committed to treating all people with respect and dignity. Reduced rates are available based on income level ranging from $15-$100 per session. HopeNet donations make reduced rates possible for those who otherwise could not afford to get help.

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Our Therapists

HopeNet clinicians are licensed by the state of Kansas as Marriage Family Therapists, Clinical Social Workers or Professional Counselors.

The HopeNet clinical team is professional and compassionate.  Our clinicians are trauma informed, highly skilled and professionally trained to integrate a variety of evidence based behavioral tools and strategies. Our compassion is an extension of our Christian faith illustrating God’s love as an extension of hope in the bleakest circumstance.

HopeNet Counseling services are confidential and comprehensive.

The environment at HopeNet is loving and safe. The therapeutic relationship is confidential and trustworthy which builds a secure foundation to explore options for healing and facilitate lasting change. Comprehensive services include a multidisciplinary team approach. HopeNet’s networked partners extend additional support and collaboration as needed.

Personal change requires commitment, time and hard work. HopeNet is here to come alongside to help you heal emotionally and experience life more fully.

Jo Lynn Bright, LCFMT, CST

Jayme King, LMSW

Michele Meinhardt, LMSW

Perry Malzahn, LMSW