Empower Leaders ~ Strengthen Teams ~ Promote Wellness

Professional Training for Engagement and Productivity

Informational Presentations

(free, approx. 30 minutes)

  • HopeNet Informational Presentation

Seminars ($200, 45-60 minutes, unlimited attendees)

Empower Your Leaders

  • How to Coach Yourself
  • Thriving Through Change

Strengthen Your Team

  • Thriving Employees, Thriving Business
  • Navigating Important Conversations

Promote Community Mental Health

  • Mental Health 101
  • Attachment & Bonding: Creating a Roadmap for Healthy Connection
  • Compassionate Care: Serving those Struggling with Mental Health Challenges
  • Healthy Mind, Health Life
  • Ingredients for a Safe Culture
  • Suicide: The Loss of Self
  • Tools for Spiritual Wellness
  • When Life Gets Out-of-WHACK

Additional topics available

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