Leadership Coaching   

Leadership Coaching is for people in positions of influence motivated to maximize their potential and impact others. You will design a personal plan that will empower you to move forward in your life, capitalize on your strengths, make a difference in your sphere of influence and meet long term goals. Read more about Leadership Coaching here in this article by coach Sam Klein.

HopeNet utilizes The COACH Model, created by Keith Webb and is designed to help you clarify your personal calling or direction, confirm your strengths and create a plan to develop areas of growth. Our coaches are trained and certified under the International Coaching Federation standards for coaching. See the ICF website for certification information, coaching ethics and other professional requirements.coaching life executive leadership

Leadership Coaching can help you discover barriers to your team’s growth, create healthy personal boundaries to prevent burn out and define your personally or professional goals.

HopeNet Coaches are certified by the International Coaching Federation. Call HopeNet today to start your path to increase your ability to impact and lead others!

Initial Forms

We have all our coaching clients fill out some initial paperwork to help us get to know them and where they want to see themselves after coaching.

Client Intake Form for Services

HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices

Notice of Privacy Practices_Client Acknowledgment of Receipt

Client Informed Consent

Leadership Coaching Self-Assessment


Leadership Coaching is typically 10 sessions at $150 per session. Partnership discounts and a sliding scale based on income are available. Call our office for more details: 316.684.4673.

Meet Our Coaches!

Dr. Howard Keim

Sam Klein, LBSW

Michelle Martin

Charity Schaulis, Executive Director