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Presentations, Seminars & Trainings

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HopeNet wants to partner with you to help break the stigma of mental illness and to educate our community on how we can make our homes, churches, workplaces and schools safe places for those struggling with mental health issues. We offer several opportunities for your team to equip and inform:

Presentations & Seminars

One-hour seminars on mental health, wellness, or urban ministry topics. Email our office to learn more about partnering with HopeNet to train your staff or congregation. Some informational presentation seminars are free of charge.

Sample topics are:

  • What is Mental Health?, presented by Charity Schaulis, Executive Director of HopeNet
  • The Wounded Leader: Leading with Humility and Wellness, presented by Charity Schaulis, Executive Director of HopeNet
  • Addressing the Stigma of Mental Illness in the Church, presented by Charity Schaulis, Executive Director of HopeNet or Jo Lynn Bright, LCMFT, CST
  • When Life Gets Out-of-WHACK,  presented by Jo Lynn Bright, LCMFT, CST
  • The Table: An Invitation to Intimacy, presented by Jo Lynn Bright, LCMFT, CST
  • Answering the Call to Evangelize: Understanding and Reaching Vulnerable Populations, presented by Jayme King, LMSW
  • Practicing Wellness Through Healthy Boundaries, presented by Michele Meinhardt, LMSW
  • No Stranger to Change: Staying Adaptive through Life Changes, presented by Perry Malzahn, LMSW

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