Dawn Kerr

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Administrative Assistant

Dawn Kerr is the Administrative Assistant at HopeNet. She ensures administrative support for the Administrative Director by providing facility, safety, bookkeeping and technology support. She also covers the front desk, providing client care and handling crisis calls.

Dawn brings her calm and conscientious spirit to all her roles at HopeNet. She is comfortable tackling a complicated technology issue as well as talking a client through a crisis call. Her determination and resourcefulness help her enjoy her diverse role at HopeNet

Before coming to HopeNet, Dawn worked in sales positions as well as care giving and administrative roles.

Dawn and her family moved to Wichita in 2015. They are originally from North Dakota, but are quickly learning to love the Wichita weather and the Shockers. She enjoys traveling, family time and exploring Kansas.

  • Bachelors of Arts in Psychology
  • Associates of Arts in Executive Secretary
  • Focus on the Family Certified Marriage Mentor

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