Through our services and partnering with other area resources, we connect with our clients, they experience the hands and feet of Christ, and begin restoring dignity and hope.

HopeNet provides Coaching, Counseling and Christian Care

  • Building community support
  • Equipping with new skills
  • Getting to the root cause
  • Empowering personal growth

When life falls apart, HopeNet treats people with dignity: strengthening personal attributes and building resources.
Change cannot be forced or purchased. Change happen with hope, initiative, healing, options and skills. Here, people are “taught to fish,”  they are rebuilding their own lives. Getting to the root cause of cyclical behavior is the key and it takes time. So long as a person is engaged in personal change, HopeNet will walk alongside.

We believe God makes beautiful things out of broken lives.


If you feel overwhelmed, or you think someone you love may need help, contact us for confidential, professional help. Don’t wait. HopeNet offers free assessment and consultation services. All services are confidential. Reaching out for help is the most courageous thing you can do.