Do you have a heart for God and desire to serve and give?

Join a fun community of women!

The Docent and demiDocent Societies are volunteer membership groups of Christian women who enjoy community and have a heart for people who are hurting. The goal of the group is simple: to advocate for and advance the purpose of HopeNet in various ways: hosting gatherings to introduce more people to the work of HopeNet, caring for staff, volunteering at special events, and much more

Why Join?

  • You’ll be welcomed into a wonderful community of Christian women who appreciate beauty and enjoy getting together.
  • Your gift of hospitality can be used to bring attention to the important work of HopeNet in our community.
  • You will make a difference in the life of someone who is hurting. Your annual ¬†membership will support HopeNet in counseling someone through personal crisis.

Why Art?

All of us are unique, precious works of art, but we can become broken. HopeNet offers coaching and counseling to anyone in need when life falls apart. Just as a docent at a museum guides us to enjoy works of art, the women of the Docent and demiDocent Societies guide other women into a larger understanding of the work of HopeNet.

Docent Society

The Docents are Christian women aged 50 and above who enjoy fellowship and hosting gatherings. Docents commit to supporting the work of HopeNet. Docents also commit to membership dues of $600 a year. A Docent’s annual dues cover the approximate cost of services for a year for one HopeNet client.

If you would like to learn more about the Docent Society, call HopeNet today!

demiDocent Society

The demiDocents are Christian women aged 49 and below who support the mission of HopeNet and enjoy fellowship that helps those who are hurting. DemiDocents commit to membership dues of $300 a year, which cover approximately half a year of services for a HopeNet client.

If you would like to learn more about the demiDocent Society, call HopeNet today!