Prepare / Enrich Premarital and Marriage Enrichment Services  

HopeNet offers Prepare / Enrich premarital and marriage enrichment services for couples looking for premarital counseling before they get married and married couples looking to enrich and improve their relationship.  Prepare / Enrich has been the #1 premarital and marriage assessment tool for over 35 years. 

The Prepare / Enrich Assessment explores:

• Communication    • Partner Style & Habits    • Financial Management    • Leisure Activities    • Sexual Expectation

• Family & Friends    • Relationship Roles    • Spiritual Beliefs    • Parenting Expectations    • Conflict Resolution

Who Can Benefit from Prepare / Enrich?    

  • Engaged Couples or Couples Considering Becoming Engaged 

Prepare / Enrich premarital counseling is for engaged couples and ideally begins 4-6 months before the wedding date. Through an evidence-based assessment and feedback, engaged couples will explore and strengthen key areas, such as communication, intimacy, family values and conflict management skills, spread over 8 sessions.    

  • Married Couples Looking to Enrich Their Relationship 

Prepare / Enrich serves as an enrichment platform for a marriage check-up for married couples. It will help couples increase their satisfaction in their marriage and address any potential problem areas. Couples will take an assessment for married couples and explore the assessment findings with a HopeNet facilitator over 8 sessions.    


Prepare / Enrich is available to HopeNet clients with or without our sliding scale. Couples pay $20-$50 a session depending on household income.    

Call for a free initial appointment to see if Prepare / Enrich services are a good fit for you and your fiancé/spouse.