Director of Finance

Dalene Johnson is the Director of Finance at HopeNet. She manages all financial and technological operations as well as keeping the physical building and grounds maintained and hospitable.

Dalene is gifted at implementing organizational structures and using creative problem solving to help HopeNet be both efficient and welcoming. Dalene creates an organized and reliable foundation across HopeNet.

Dalene was involved in the launch of Trinity Academy, and served for thirteen years as its Administrative Assistant to the Headmaster.  Sensing her work for Trinity was accomplished, Dalene began seeking God for direction in finding her next ministry that would use her skillset. In 2008, Dalene began her relationship with HopeNet as Administrative Assistant to the Executive Director. Dalene left HopeNet to spend time with her grandchildren and then returned in the fall of 2015, with excitement and gratitude to see what God is doing at Central and Grove.

Dalene has been married to her husband, for 40 years, has 3 daughters and 6 grandchildren, (with emphasis on the “grand”). Her most important life goal is to know God more and to recognize His quiet voice quickly.