Office Specialist

Hannah Scharven is the Office Specialist at HopeNet. She is the face and voice of HopeNet, fielding initial inquiries, making clients feel welcomed and valued and connecting callers with resources. Hannah provides customer service with exceptional client engagement for people in immediate crisis while providing administrative, hospitality and communication support for all program services.

Hannah’s servant heart is shown in her willingness to lend a listening ear on the phone or in person with clients as she greets them and prepares for their coaching or counseling session. Her gentle spirit and attention to detail keep HopeNet’s front efficient and welcoming.

Before coming to HopeNet, Hannah worked in several leadership positions in retail and education that combined her administrative and relational gifts.

Hannah loves coffee and enjoys trying out as many local coffee shops as possible! She is also an avid rock climber. One of her favorite climbs was in the Caucaus Mountains in southern Russia.

  • Bachelors of Arts in Counseling Psychology
  • CNA Certification
  • Crisis Prevention and Intervention Certification