Myisha Elliott

Myisha Elliott is a professional mental health therapist at HopeNet. She uses a client-centered approach and excels in cognitive behavioral theory (CBT) as well as motivational enhancement therapy (MET). Myisha has experience as a LMSW Intensive Family Preservation Therapist and Individual Support Therapist.

She displays a strong ability to meet her clients where they are at, creating a safe space free of judgement and brings a funny and approachable mannerism to her sessions.

Myisha is married to her best friend and is blessed with 4 children. You’ll often find her spending her free time going to the zoo, Botanica Gardens, Keeper of the Plains, and other fun hotspots around Wichita. Myisha loves painting and DIY projects as well.

Myisha received her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Wichita State University and completed her Masters of Social Work (WSU) in May 2021. joined HopeNet in November 2021.