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Helping Someone Struggling with Suicidal Thoughts

Since 1999 the Kansas suicide rate has gone up 45%--one of the largest increases in the nation.*  In 2018 Wichita saw 99 deaths from suicide, a 20% increase since 2015. We have a real and growing problem. However, the risk of suicide can be reduced if we take the time to educate the ourselves and [...]

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2019 HopeNet Wellness Conference

We all want our clients, our workplaces and our churches to thrive. Strengthen organizational wellness and improve client care by gaining practical insight, best practices and tools to help you thrive. Choose tracks for the Mental Health Professional, the HR or Business Professional or the Church Leader or Volunteer. CEUs available. Schedule Speakers [...]

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Managing our Emotions (and what to do when they are out of control)

Emotions give our lives so much color. We jump with surprise. We cry with joy. We relish lives well lived. We sit content. We’re stunned with amazement. Life without emotions would be a lot like a coloring book page before the budding artist pulls out the new box of crayons. Too Cheerful? Americans are known [...]

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HopeArt 2018 Black & White: Not Always

HOPEART 2018 BLACK & WHITE: IT'S NOT ALWAYS HOPEART 2018, our gala fundraiser, will be held at Mark Arts on September 23, 2018. Donations raised from this event provide coaching, counseling and Christian care for those who otherwise cannot afford it. HopeArt guests will experience masterpieces in the making through a variety of artistic experiences [...]

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